Move the Music.

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A whole new way to perform digital music

MOTIV is an open source project that uses Kinect to give digital musicians direct control of emotional expression by interpreting their physical gestures in real-time.

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How It Works


Step One

Compose music on the digital device you already love: a keyboard, drum machine, even your iPhone. Then create a MIDI file.

Step Two

Open MOTIV and load your digital sequence. Select the expressive parameters you want to control during the performance.

Step Three

Connect your Kinect to your computer and start moving. MOTIV tracks your gestures and translates them into expression.

Step Four

MOTIV weds your expression to the sequence in real-time, sending it to your virtual instrument while visualizing your input for the perfect performance.

About the Project

Why Now? Many new digital music-making interfaces lack musically expressive control, depriving musicians of their innate ability to emote through performance.

Why MOTIV? MOTIV puts musicians in control of the tempo, instrumentation and note velocities in the moment, giving way to a musical conversation with surprising and expressive results.

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